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Service availability and accessibility has been a key rural policy issue for many years. In order to monitor changing levels of service availability, we combine datasets that show where outlets of particular services can be found, with postcode level information on the distribution of households.

The service location data is sourced from a number of different Governmental, non-Governmental and commercial organisations.

The Technical Report (updated July 2009) has more information about how these figures are produced

Unfortunately we're unable to make available the datasets showing where services are actually located. Please be aware that it's not possible to extract this information from any of the files below.

Coverage Data from 2000 to present. Topics include:

    Availability of Services

    Distribution of Service Outlets

    Output Area Data

Access Several XLS files available for download linked to from main page.

Some material is available in plain text, such as:

     href="">Rural Services Data Series: Availability of Services Output Area Data 2009


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