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City of Boston GIS Datahub





href="">City of Boston GIS Datahub contains two categories of data:

    Requests received on Mayor's Office of the City of Boston;

    GIS data, including on city districts, public safety, city services, tourist trails and building footprints.

Some data is in XML.

Access Data cannot be downloaded in bulk.

Openness Not open as there seem to be restrictions on redistributing and reusing data. Data is available under "City of Boston - Spatial Data License Agreement", which states:

Licensed User may use the Citys GIS Data in the form provided by the City for User's own internal business or organizational purposes and for no other purpose. The Licensed user may modify any GIS Data or merge any GIS Data into other databases for Licensed User's own use. Licensed User may have and use GIS Data on a corporate-wide basis and may use the GIS Data on an unlimited number of Licensed User sites, provided that access to the Citys GIS data is restricted from use by non-Licensed parties or individuals.