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Christian Classics Ethereal Library





Losts of texts oriented to Christian themes (though this includes stuff like Dante.

Openness: SEMI-OPEN

License: public domain/restricted.

Most of the books at the Christian Classics Ethereal library are in the public domain. A few are public domain in the United States but not in Europe; you should check local copyright status before copying outside of the United States. A few are still under a publisher's copyright and are used by permission; these are noted on the book information page.

You may use the text version of any public domain book at the CCEL in any way you please, including republishing it. However, the XML and other versions derived from the XML (all non-text versions) are copyrighted. They may be used for non-profit personal, educational, and church purposes involving fewer than 25 copies of a book without further permission. However, you should contact us for permission to republish CCEL works or to use them commercially.

Access: ok.

    bulk: no.

    www: yes (formats: xml, pdf, txt, doc)