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The UK Government's HM Treasury use a budgeting system called COINS. Available from 2010-06-4 at href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

The Data COINS stores The COINS database contains the main high level reports on public spending, including:

     href="">Public Expenditure Statistical Analysis

     href="">Country Regional Analysis

     href="">The Budget

     href="">The Supplementary Budget Information

     href="">The Supply Estimates

    Some of the  href="">Office of National Statistics Blue Book

    Some of the  href="">Office of National Statistics Pink Book

     href="">The Whole of Government Accounts

For an overview see this href="">blog post by Lisa Evans.

Public Access and Data requests The COINS database is currently publicly available but before this was the case, several people made Freedom of Information requests to obtain it.

For example, BBC journalist Martin Rosenbaum href="">made a Freedom of Information Request for the data in September 2009.

His request was rejected. In his href="">BBC article, he links to the href="">appeal rejection letter(PDF) from HM Treasury.

Another href="">request for the COINS data was made by the software engineer Julian Todd.

The details we, the open knowledge foundation, obtained about the COINS database are:

     href="">The COINS data fields

     href="">The COINS training materials

     href="">The contract for COINS including  href="">the intellectual property rights

Some more details about COINS:

    All accounts on COINS receive a PESA Transfer tag, which indicates the broad economic category of the spending if it leaves the public sector. (point 1 of