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"Much of the data available to view on is available in several formats through the Audioscrobbler Web Services API."

Format Data variously available in Plain, XML, XSPF, iCal and RSS.

License "All web services here are for non-commercial use only under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. If you want to use these services in a commercial context you must contact partners at last dot fm first to get a seperate license."

"If the data you are using was generated directly by you (ie. it is your profile data, recent tracks etc) then you can do whatever you want with it. Don't worry about any licensing restrictions.

If the data was generated by, or other users of the site, then you must abide by the CC license above (or a commercial license from us).

If you have ads on the site you wish to use this data on, you might be wondering does that count as commercial use?. If the ads are barely covering your running costs, we consider that non-commercial. Actually we consider most stuff non-commercial. If you are making a healthy profit from your site, and using this data to enhance the site, that sounds commercial. Any queries, just get in touch with us."

Other formats A partial RDF version is available at href="/package/dbtune-audioscrobbler">package:dbtune-audioscrobbler.