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A Vision of Britain Through Time





"A vision of Britain between 1801 and 2001. Including maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions." More focused on re-organising the data for access by locality than on enabling downloading of the raw data but have clearly put significant time and energy into data extraction. Specifically they have:

    An  href="">administrative gazetteer which includes:
       * Youngs' Local Administrative Units of England (1979 and 1991)

    Melville Richards' Welsh Administrative and Territorial Units (1969)

    The Scottish Archives Network's Gazetteer, covering counties, parishes and burghs

    The National Register of Archives' Manorial Documents Register

     href="">Census reports from 1801-1961 consisting of:

    Listings of all reports published from 1801 to 1961,
    and all tables in those reports.
    Unless you ask, we list only reports and tables for which
    we hold data or text.

    The contents of selected tables, with headings and notes.

    Introductory text [HTML_REMOVED] so far,

Abstracts 1801-41, Preliminary Reports 1851-1961, and the 1911 General Report.

Openness: NOT OPEN

    License: someone, somewhere holds copyright and there's no explicit license.

    Access: all data is interwoven with text, graphics etc. Basically you'd need to do some really serious roboting/parsing to get any data out of this website, but most of the data can be obtained via the UK Data Archive at the University of Essex.

    bulk: no

    web-api: yes (OGC web map server access)

    website: yes (roboting: hard)

License From the href="">license page:

Census data from 1961 to 2001 are Office of National Statistics, for England and Wales, and General Register Office, for Scotland. They also supplied our detailed maps of modern census reporting areas.

Some of the historical photographs used within these pages are English Heritage.

The text interpreting statistical themes is Humphrey Southall 2003, 2004.

The maps created by the Land Uitlisation Survey of Great Britain are L. Dudley Stamp/Geographical Publications Ltd, while the scanned images of these maps, for England and Wales, are Environment Agency/DEFRA, and for Scotland Great Britain Historical GIS.

Many of the individual statistical datasets were computerised by academic researchers who hold copyright in the transcriptions; a future release of the system will identify these in context. The resource as a whole is Great Britain Historical GIS Project 2004. The GBH GIS is a network of collaborating academic researchers. For details please contact Humphrey Southall.